September 30, 2023
Save your building from sudden fire breakout

Fire breakouts are widespread and can occur due to multiple reasons. It may be due to a short circuit or fire on any flammable material, and in such cases, a fire extinguisher is not the only thing required. We need a smoke alarm and fire detecting system to prevent any mishap on a large scale. Commercial spaces that are heavily loaded with electric items or are fully air-conditioned are the most common and dangerous places of fire breakouts due to a lack of proper ventilation. Therefore, additional safety measures must be installed to avoid emergencies in such places.

Commercial smoke detectors

smoke alarm

Heat detectors or fire detectors act as an emergency alarm to make you alert in time so that you make the necessary arrangements to meet the emergency. Our detectors can be installed in multiple places such as commercial buildings, car park buildings, industrial places, condominiums, and institutional buildings. We supply two types of detectors; choose the best one for you:

  • Smoke detector- Even a breeze of smoke from anywhere around the 100m2 radius of the detector installed will make the alarm blow. The alarm will give you time to check the source of the smoke and prevent it from further spreading.
  • Heat detectors- These types of detectors use Ultra-sensitive receptors that blow off an alarm in the area of temperature rise on a sudden change of temperature.

Why our products?

Our company is SETSCO and LPCB certified, and we have over 50 years of experience in this field. With such a long timeline of experience, we also bear the responsibility of bearing the age-old trust of our customers. Our fire protection equipment has been rated as #1 for consequent years, which motivates us to make more products to save precious lives from the wrath of fire.

Our other products

Apart from the ultra-sensitive fire and smoke detectors, we also make various fire safety equipment, fire prevention equipment, and fire solutions to meet your complete list of fire safety. Our alarm control panels can be used as sub-panels or main panels available in the range of 4-80 units according to the installation area.

How to buy products?

To buy our safety equipment, log in to our online store and purchase online. Get great discounts on the purchase of items online and1-year assured warranty. You can also visit our offline stores for purchase purposes. Shop with us and get a chance to free fire fighting sessions with our experts. Let’s begin today.

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