Dr. Kami Hoss: How Good Oral Health Can Protect You from Major Health Issues?

Many people often overlook the significance of oral health. They will only consult a dentist when they have a tooth cavity or gum infection. Little do they, or perhaps, you too, know that oral health plays a vital role in giving you perfect health in life. Now, the question is how?

Dr. Kami Hoss – Helping people learn more about dental health and how to keep diseases at bay

Dr. Kami Hoss is a respected expert in oral health with 25 years of invaluable experience in the industry. He is a DDS, MS, and completed his Master’s in craniofacial biology. He also completed his doctorate in the field of dental surgery and is the founder of one of the most popular clinics in San Diego- The Super Dentists, which was founded 20 years ago with his wife. His clinic serves several dedicated patients in the region and is the largest orthodontic and pediatric dentistry center in San Diego, the USA.

He leads the Acceledontics and Howard Healthcare Academy and has been an associate professor at The University of Southern California in its Orthodontics Department. He is a member of the Board of the UCLA School of Dentistry and an active member of many reputed associations like The American Pistachio Growers, The World Federation of Orthodontists, and many others.

The importance of good dental habits for a better – Quality of life

The importance of good dental habits

He recently launched his book, If Your Mouth Could Talk, launched in May. He speaks about how oral health can adversely affect your overall health if you do not pay attention to it. Even pregnant women should be aware of their oral health, or else it will result in birth complications like being underweight or a premature baby.

Beware of periodontal disease

Periodontal disease is another culprit that causes chaos and havoc in the body. It needs to be arrested before it leads to conditions like diabetes, stroke, and heart disease. In his book, he speaks about research on oral health and how it leads to chronic conditions like endocarditis, a severe infection affecting the heart’s inner lining of your heart valve or its chambers. In this condition, the bacteria from your mouth seep into the bloodstream and become attached to your heart.

Research on oral health and clogged arteries

He gives you an insight into the research that has been conducted in this field in his book. The research indicates that clogged arteries might be linked to the swelling and infections caused by the bacteria present in your mouth.

Dr. Kami Hoss educates readers about oral health and how simple habits can transform your overall health. He gives you a guideline on how good oral health can also prolong your life. The book gives you valuable insight and helps you discover certain surprising facts. His goal is to spread awareness so that you can arrest poor dental habits, rectify them and successfully enjoy a life of good and sound health!

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