August 16, 2022
Construction Project

Construction projects are multi-dimensional and complex, so every construction project manager should possess certain traits to complete their projects within budget and on time. Besides technical skills, they should have good strategic skills to manage risks and conflicts on the site.

Kanat Sultanbekov -An esteemed professional in construction projects

Kanat Sultanbekov is a widely-respected and highly skilled name in construction projects in New York. He has an excellent track record and is known to complete every project he undertakes within time. He focuses on attaining a balance between strategic planning, risk management, and operational processes in every project. Besides the above, he focuses on safety in all his work projects to ensure the optimal quality standard is maintained without errors.

He studied at The Harvard Business School and completed the Launching New Ventures Program from there.He also successfully completed the Economics of Blockchain and Digital Assets Certificate Program at The Wharton School Aresty Institute of Executive Education in Pennsylvania.

Construction Project

Specific tasks should be delegated to the right worker to optimize productivity

According to him, delegating tasks is very important for successfully completing a construction project. Every construction project is complex and vast, so a project manager must also delegate supervisory and leadership skills to his subordinates. A good manager ensures that everyone gets the right task per their specialized skills and capabilities. Moreover, workers can optimize productivity as they get those tasks they manage well.


Planning is crucial for the project to be completed in time and within budget. However, there are times when surprises crop up, and things do go astray. The project manager should be aware of these challenges and adapt himself to the situation’s needs at that time. When the manager is clear with his vision, the team involved with the construction project has high morale, and they can coordinate with their manager to complete their tasks per the instructions.

Problem resolution

A good project manager uses his skills and experience to solve hindrances along the way so that the quality of the project stays intact and the work is completed in time. When challenges do surface, the project manager needs to be proactive and think of quick solutions that do not compromise the project’s specifics or integrity. Being fast with a solution ensures saving time, money, and other apprehensions that workers might face due to work insecurities.

According to Kanat Sultanbekov, every project manager should be a good communicator. If the manager cannot communicate effectively with the team, misunderstandings and errors will surface. Moreover, workers might not approach the manager with their problems, which compromises their work quality.

Communication needs to be free-flowing so that the manager and workers are on the same page when it comes to the tasks to be completed and the schedule for the day. The project manager should also be a good listener and show respect to the workers when they approach him with a problem or an idea related to the project.

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