February 22, 2024
Fashion Sense

Business development executives and managers need to dress professionally for success at the workplace. With the right dress code for the job, you can make a positive impression for networking and establishing relationships with your clients. Moreover, when you dress professionally, you appear confident and invoke respect from others. You can boost your productivity and motivation in the workplace, and this goes the extra mile in your career advancement.

Sharon Deflorio– a widely respected and successful business development specialist speaks

Sharon Deflorio from Norwalk, CT is a successful business development specialist with expertise in the generation of qualified leads and building strong relationships with clients. She is a proactive leader and has outstanding track records when it comes to driving revenue and superseding performance metrics at work. She is quick to invoke respect, trust and establish value-added relationships with her clients. Thanks to her diverse experience and expertise, she is highly adaptable to change, agile and creative when it comes to performance success.

Fashion Sense

Wear the right attire to your office

According to her in the field of business development, you need to make several formal presentations to clients, and this is where the right dress code matters. However, you should be aware of the key differences between business professional and casual attire at the workplace. Business casual wear is seen at the workplace where the environment is more relaxed like modern organizations and technology companies. Business professional wear is more visible in traditional organizations.

What are the key differences between business casual and professional attire?

Business casual wear gives you greater freedom for expressing yourself, and employees can sport their individual styles. For instance, in Fall, you can opt for a blend of colorful materials and textures like velvets, suedes, etc to wear to office. You can layer up your clothes like teaming a light sweater over a shirt with collars, wearing a jacket over a dress, etc.

Fall is a season where you need to keep your feet protected, and so invest in the right shoes for the workplace. Though boots are more common for you to wear during Fall, you should go in for professional wear that suits the demands of the job. However, if you are in a conventional organization, boots might not be allowed. The dress code for the season must be followed and every organization will have it mentioned in its employee rulebook.

Colors of the season

When it comes to business casual, the clothes you wear are more comfortable and less expensive than business professional wear. The latter calls for more solid colors and formal prints over the former that can be in a wide range of autumn colors like orange, green, yellow, and red.

According to Sharon Deflorio, when you are dressing up for the workplace, you need to be aware of the correct hemlines, if you are a woman. Ensure your dresses or skirts are not too short at the workplace. If you live and work in a place where Fall becomes cold, you can always wear a good quality Turtleneck to the workplace to stay warm.

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