June 8, 2023
Pasta Fresca; Best Italian Catering In Singapore

People from all over the world like Italian cuisine and it is high in demand. Pasta Fresca Da Salvatore offers quality restaurant catering Singapore.

About Pasta Fresca catering

Pasta Fresca Da Salvadore has been in the business for over 34 years providing delicious Italian food. It is a friendly restaurant built after research and relies upon customer feedback heavily. This restaurant provides the facility of supplying to homes, hotels, and commercial kitchens Italian products like fresh pasta, sauces, and other imported Italian products. They also provide Italian cuisine for events like birthday parties, festive celebrations, and weddings.

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They offer delectable and fresh dishes to their customers in a beautiful private dining room. They also offer the facility of booking this room for personal celebratory events and intimate gatherings of family or friends. You just need to make the booking in advance because many people are in the queue. Their reputation has increased as the provider of one of the best Italian foods in Singapore. Their menu has everything a standard Italian restaurant can offer from pasta to pizzas and risotto. One thing that makes them stand out from other restaurants is the use of freshly imported goods and ingredients in their dishes. By doing this, they give their customers the true taste of the Mediterranean. If you truly want to experience the taste of Italian dishes like you were in Italy, hire Pasta Fresca restaurant catering singapore.

What makes it stand out?

  • They are situated near the Singapore river which provides a perfect view for the people dining in the private room of the restaurant.
  • This dining room offers a perfect place for large-scale and small-scale celebrations and can fit many people.
  • Food brings people together, so having a good quality catering service can truly liven up a party, and people will want to come to your events more and more.
  • They offer flexible dining choices to their customers, so that they are more comfortable and pleased by their service.
  • Many top caterers in Singapore have acknowledged the quality service of the restaurant giving it a good recommendation.
  • They offer a custom-made menu for events, and you can ask to include any dietary restrictions you or someone else might have. This option is rare, and Pasta Fresco is one of the rare restaurants to offer this privilege.

Next time you are looking for quality restaurant catering and private dining service in Singapore, contact Pasta Fresco.

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