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Historically, in restaurants cash registers served an important purpose. They actually managed the customer payment as well as provided change whenever required. With time, the registers became highly advanced, and morphed in becoming the multi-use POS systems for the restaurants.  Now, the modern POS solutions are central hub of the information for various restaurants.

The f&b POS system in Malaysia are where you can place drink and food orders and send it to your house. These systems allow you manage various split checks, tables; add tips, and much more. A POS system will provide a wide range of the restaurant management solutions. Let us get deeper in the question, what’s POS system for the restaurant, or see how point-of-sale can support your business.

POS Application

What is F&B POS system?

Point of sale or “POS” is the time or place where sales transaction is done.  Consequently, the point of sale software is the combination of hardware and software that handles the sales transactions. The POS systems simplify important daily business operations just by performing the order processing, credit card processing, billing, receipt printing, and much more. POS systems are used widely by the food and retail businesses.

What’s Cloud-Based Restaurant POS System?

The restaurant POS is a software & hardware that the restaurant operators utilize to run the entire business: right from taking the orders to managing floor plan, reporting on sales, reservations, scheduling staff, doing inventory counts, and pricing the menu. Usually, restaurant’s POS system is the complete restaurant management solution. Majority of the best restaurant POS on a market are cloud-based, it means that data it stores (sales data, inventory levels, menu prices, reservations, and more) are stored on the safe internet server.

What does it mean? This means that you may access as well as manage the restaurant by using any kind of device that has the internet connection, no matter whether that is the tablet, computer, or smartphone. For instance, the fast food POS solution can run on the tablets in-store however you may check the analytics at your home on the smartphone.

Suppose your internet gets down, most of the restaurant POS systems actually have the offline mode that allows you keep working even while the internet is down. When the internet is back again, your data will be pushed as well as saved to cloud. This is the best way you can use various features of POS system for your business.

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